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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kevin, and I’d love to share with you the first chapter of my story as a business owner and what it means to you as a (hopefully) future customer.

I’m a born entrepreneur. The idea of serving customers, earning their loyalty, and solving their problems has always excited me, and in 2011 I decided to start my own small cleaning business and named it CastleCleaners. In the beginning, as with any business, there were ups and downs, some trial and error, and lots of growing pains. As I slowly got it off the ground I realized that I needed to hone in on our company identity and establish ourselves in the communities we serve. What was going to put us “on the map?”  I’m a big fan of Shark Tank, and on that show they often talk about the “secret sauce”, or that something special which makes a business stand out from the crowd. I wanted to identify what that secret sauce was going to be for my own business, and turn that recipe into a recipe for success – success being defined as a lot of happy customers who were eager to have me back!

I started out doing the sales, scheduling and servicing of all my customers myself, armed with not a lot more than a few simple tools from Home Depot, a few basic customer service instincts, and more than a little faith and support from my dad. I served a lot of customers, and really paid attention to them – not only to what they wanted out of my service but to their feedback about my performance, both good and bad.  I asked myself why my customers were choosing to hire me working out of the back of my SUV over a large regional company or a national franchise with big fancy trucks, dedicated salespeople and a nationally recognized brand.  Why were they choosing me and my tiny business instead?

It took me several thousand jobs and tens of thousands of personal interactions with my customers to fully answer that question, but I finally did. I realized that my customers chose me because they wanted to feel taken care of in a personal way, by a human being, and not just a “company”. They felt comfortable knowing that the person they were dealing with had a very personal interest in making them happy. At the same time, in taking a look at some of my larger competitors I also realized the value of making my customers feel like they have the backing of a reputable enterprise that won’t disappear into the night if things don’t go well. They wanted to feel cared for, but they also wanted to feel secure.

And there it was. I had finally discovered my “secret sauce”. I called it “The Royal Treatment.” We were going to deliver ultra-courteous, super-responsive and results-focused service in a way that reinforced trust and confidence in us both as people and as a company. I decided that we would never go wrong if we always put the customer first! I used this philosophy as a foundation for every customer interaction and every decision I made for my business, and I never looked back. I was so thrilled with the level of success we achieved with CastleCleaners as a result that in 2015 I decided to start a specialized floor and furniture cleaning business with a different focus but the same philosophy toward customer care. TopNotch Floor Care was born!

While I no longer work out of my SUV and my face isn’t present on every job, I promise that you’ll know what “The Royal Treatment” means right away and throughout your experience with us, from the initial answering of your questions and scheduling our visit all the way to your marveling at your beautifully clean floors and waving goodbye.

Thanks again for paying us a visit. We can’t wait to see you smile!



Kevin Murray
Owner Operator

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We know that in-depth knowledge and lots of industry experience is vital, but we believe that the best recipe for delivering an amazing customer experience calls for 49% skill and 51% courtesy – after all this isn’t just about your carpet, it’s about you!


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