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Why Just Clean Your Floors When You Can Make Them Look Like New?


Your tile and stone floors, countertops, and showers are some of the most attractive and highest-value features of your home. Keeping them clean and well-maintained is a big and never-ending task, and sometimes they need a lot more TLC than what elbow grease alone can accomplish.

Grout and certain types of stone are very porous materials, and are a natural “sponge” for dirt and soiling of all kinds. Tile is very often found in the warmer, wetter areas of the home where bacteria, mold, mildew and other contaminants tend to thrive. Luckily, because tile is so resilient, high levels of pressure and heat can be safely applied without risk of damaging it.

This type of penetrating, powerful cleaning is what our technicians and high-tech equipment do best. Our amazing machines in tandem with our tried-and-true process allow for a deeper, more thorough and restorative cleaning that leaves tile and stone looking more than just clean – it looks like new.

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Our Tile and Stone Cleaning Process


Step 1: Pre-inspection

Your cleaning expert will inspect your tile or stone to determine type of tile, condition of the grout, stains, and overall soiling to achieve the best possible cleaning results.

Step 2: Prepare the work area

We will prepare the work area to protect surrounding furnishings and floors. Drop cloths, floor mats, booties, and corner protectors are a few of the tools we use to make sure we are protecting your property while we clean.

Step 4: Pre-treatment

Next, we apply our heated alkaline solution and begin the cleaning process. This solution immediately goes to work on your floors, penetrating into the pores of the grout or stone and suspending those foreign soils in the solution. We give it a few minutes to dwell, penetrate, and start working its magic.

Step 5: Rotary scrub/agitate

We then apply the best type of “elbow grease” there is – the power of an industrial-grade rotary scrubbing machine which works to agitate and activate the cleaning product and apply some abrasive contact to the floors. This combination of heat, abrasive agitation, and chemical action is the core of the cleaning process.

Step 6: Hot water / high pressure rinse & vacuum extraction

Here’s where where we start to see your floors in their like-new glory. We hook up a high-pressure surface cleaning tool to our truck-mounted unit and utilize the power of 230 degree water and 1200psi of pressure to deliver an amazingly powerful final rinse. The suction of our machine simultaneously extracts the water and dirty solution back into our truck.

Step 7: Speed Dry 

If needed, high velocity air movers will be placed in the room to speed dry the tile.

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We’ll Seal The Deal


The cleaning is done. Now all we have to do is keep it clean, right? Easier said than done, we know. But the application of a high-quality tile and grout sealer is a great head start.

Sealers applied after cleaning form an invisible protective barrier which keeps tile and grout cleaner longer by resisting spills and permanent stains. These sealers work to “impregnate” the tile and grout by seeping into these pores and curing within. This allows you more time to clean up both dry soils as well as liquids before they work themselves in and become stains.

We can apply our non-toxic, water-based sealer to your tile or stone after cleaning which is sure to keep your floors cleaner and looking their best for a lot longer. It just takes 30 minutes to dry and carries no noxious fumes or unpleasant odors.

Granite Counter Top Clean, Polish & Seal

 Natural stone is an investment. Most homeowners agree it adds instant beauty and class to any kitchen.When considering the overall performance characteristics, versatility, extensive style and color choices, as well as ease of cleaning, maintenance and granite-countertoprepair, other counter top materials have yet to truly surpass a granite counter top. And while granite is very strong and durable, most granite is porous to a certain degree and thus susceptible to staining and etching. This is particularly true for lighter-colored stones like Santa Cecilia granite and white granite.

We have developed an efficient and cost-effective process for cleaning, polishing, and sealing your granite counter tops in just a few short steps.

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